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Dinah Vegas Enters Third Year
Now in its third outing to Las Vegas, Girl Bar, in association with Truck Stop Girlz and Total Rewards by Caesars Entertainment, fill the city with tens of thousands of lesbians.

Melanie Barker
Faye Sadou

Las Vegas is preparing for an onslaught of the world’s hottest lesbians, April 24-27, 2014. Now in its third year in Sin City, partygoers at Dinah Vegas will be rewarded with a bigger than ever bill of entertainment, gourmet dining, gaming and sunshine in the neo-lit city that never sleeps.

Attendance has doubled each year, says producer Sandy Sachs. “We know from our patrons that we are on the right track, producing one-of-a-kind events, filled with the world’s hottest women! Caesars has worked with us on a vision that is limitless in scope and as iconic as the city itself.”

Sachs thanks lesbian ally Richard Brower, director of LGBT marketing for Caesars Entertainment, who has partnered with Dinah Vegas to create an event of epic proportions. “Richard’s proactive outreach was an integral part in making Dinah Vegas a ‘must attend’ event for the lesbian community,” she says.

Brower adds, “As the only casino company that has scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index six years in a row, we are thrilled to serve as hosts for this iconic event and look forward to growing it even bigger in the future with its producers.”
And what makes the event bigger and better than last year might just be the fact that this year, Girl Bar, in association with Fuse Events, will focus on top-drawer events created by lesbians, for lesbians, including a first at The London Club at Planet Hollywood and the one-of-a kind Flamingo’s gigantic main pool. These events are exclusive to Dinah Vegas attendees so that you will be free to relax or party like a VIP.
Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect this year:

  • VIP Hosted Cocktail Party and Traffic Jam Meet & Greet at The London Club, Planet Hollywood, which will get the weekend off to a rousing start.
  • Funny Girlz, featuring favorite Curve comics Dana Goldberg and Poppy Champlin will put you in a fun mood. Party afterwards at Bling 3, the epitome of Vegas glamour at the Chateau Gardens overlooking The Strip and the spectacular Bellagio fountains.
  • Infinity at the Main Flamingo Pool is exclusive to Dinah Vegas all day long. Fun in the sun with your hon only gets better with cool cocktails and the friendly party vibe established by the best DJs.
  • Vegas White at Paris Rooftop Nightclub under the Eiffel Tower presents a continental affair of opulent proportions: gorgeous girls, red carpet photo opps, burlesque performances, cabaret, showgirls and dancing under the stars with the nation’s best DJs. This is your scene!
  • Gurlesque Closing Party at Diablo’s starts at noon and goes until 9. Finish off the weekend in style, with sexy dancers, hot music, and many surprises.

And if you’ve selected a VIP package even more Dinah Vegas delights await you. Insider tip: Specially priced Weekend Passes are great value, giving you priority admission.

More Info: www.dinahshoreweekend.com


Dinah Shore Weekend Las Vegas, April 25 – 28, 2013

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Dinah Vegas, which is sponsored by Girl Bar, Truck Stop Girlz and Ceasars Entertainment group, was absolutely insane.

Friday night the party was held at the Rio’s VooDoo Lounge which is located just off the strip and 51 stories above the casino’s hotel. The view was incredible, not mention the Truck Stop Girlz brought the house down with their killer dance moves.

Oh yeah, there was also an open bar for VIP guests. Needless to say, things got crazy. Saturday was a pool party not to be missed. All the beautiful ladies got down in their bathing suits to tan, drink and dance. I can not believe how many sexy females there were located in a single venue. And after the pool party at the same location was the White Party.

The ladies of Little Miss Nasty and Truck Stop Girlz twerked it hard and gave the audience an amazing show. Seriously, you need to see these girls dance. They are amazing! Sunday was all fun at Diablo’s Cantina. People chilled on the roof top and looked down onto the strip. The weekend was rowdy, but what do you expect when last call doesn’t exist in Las Vegas. I had such a great time, people were friendly and full of smiles. I really have to thank Dr. Robin Gans, Sandy Sachs, Linda Fusco, Michelle Agnew, Courtney Caron, and the rest of the amazing staff that pulled off this incredible event. You guys rocked it! I seriously can’t wait for next year.

Check out Truck Stop Girlz at www.truckstopgirlz.com and Little Miss Nasty at https://www.facebook.com/LittleMsNasty

Photos by Denee Pino


Girl Bar Returns to Vegas for Dinah Shore Weekend 2013

Posted byBrittani
on April 4, 2013

Have you always wanted to relive The Hangover with less white dudes and tigers but more lesbians? Then perhaps you should consider hitting Las Vegas for Girl Bar's Dinah Shore Weekend from April 25-28. Girl Bar, in association with the Truck Stop Girls and Fuse Events, is taking advantage of the city that never sleeps by offering you the opportunity to party all damn day and night. It seems all those ads are paying off.

This is pretty much a no brainer if you like Las Vegas, women, and fun times. Not only do you have pool parties and great DJs from all over the nation, you'll have time to explore The Strip, get some sun, eat at buffets, and maybe make a little money at the casino. Check out the events below and get your weekend passes at the Dinah Shore Weekend website. If you want to hit Vegas with a group, look into the Posse Pool Party Pass which seems like a great idea because usually I'm not only looking for a a party, I'm looking for a deal.

Thursday, April 25th
Traffic Jam

KOI Ultra Lounge at Planet Hollywood, 8pm-Midnight

Friday, April 26th
Bling 2

Both decks of the VooDoo Lounge at Rio, 10pm-4am

Saturday, April 27th
Infinity Pool Party

The Main Flamingo Pool, 10am-5pm

Pick up some swag at the Vendor Fair, get overly competitive in the outdoor gaming section, capture some memories at the photo booth, and witness some surprise sexy at "pop-up" performances by the Truck Stop Girlz and GB2 GoGo's.

High Heel Poker Tournament
The Flamingo Poker Room, 3pm
The details of this are as follows but I have bo clue what any of it means. $130 Buy In plus $10 dealer add on. Chips: 8K + 2K with add on. Blinds are 20 minutes.
Flamingo White
The Flamingo Go Pool, 9pm-3am
An Evening Under the Stars will have red carpet photo opportunities, gaming tables, non-stop burlesque performances and showgirls. And not like the ones from the movie Showgirls. Plus, a live performance by Little Miss Nasty. This is actually a group just so you know. Not one small woman that is really nasty.

Sunday, April 28th
Closing Party "T-Dance"

Caesars Entertainment Location, 2pm-10pm




Las Vegas becoming a go-to destination for LGBT events, tourists

Linda Quackenboss
Visitors stop at the Circus Circus booth at the third annual LGBT Wedding Expo at the Strip resort on Feb. 10, 2013. The expo featured LGBT-friendly wedding vendors, wedding planning tips, a fashion show and giveaways. The event was sponsored by Rainbow Wedding Network.
By Andrea Domanick
Monday, March 25, 2013 | 2 a.m.

When Robin Gans helped bring Dinah Vegas, or Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, — one of the largest lesbian events in the world — to Las Vegas last April, she hoped that it would draw enough attendees to fill the dance floor at Paris Las Vegas’ Chateau Nightclub. She expected maybe a couple of hundred women.

But when 1,700 women showed up, Gans had to find a way to accommodate them in the club and its outdoor beer garden.
It’s a scene Gans never would’ve pictured 10 or 15 years ago, when Las Vegas was a destination for gamblers and gawking tourists, not lesbians on getaways.

“Vegas has changed a lot,” said Gans, who has co-produced the event, an offshoot of Dinah Shore Weekend, through her Girl Bar entertainment group since 1990. “I think they’ve realized what the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender market has to offer, and I think they want our business. They’ve created a vibe of: 'Why wouldn’t we want to go?' I think the Vegas frontier is really opening up to our community.”

Gans isn’t alone in her opinion. Since the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority began marketing to the LGBT community in the early 2000s, the city has stepped into the spotlight as one of that demographic's premier travel destinations.

And winning that patronage is important to Las Vegas: According to a 2009 study from Community Marketing Inc., the average household income for gay men and women is $81,500 — about 80 percent higher than that of the average U.S. household. Another recent study by the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce found that LGBT travelers spent nearly twice as much per trip as their heterosexual counterparts and were twice as likely to go on vacation.

Las Vegas consistently ranks among the top business and leisure destinations surveyed annually by Community Marketing, a consumer research and marketing firm specializing in demographic studies of the LGBT community’s economic power. Last year, Las Vegas came in just below New York City and San Francisco as a top leisure travel destination in a survey of 5,700 LGBT travelers.

As Las Vegas holds steady with vacationers, its profile among LGBT businesses, organizations and events is rising. In the same 2012 survey, Las Vegas placed just below Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C., as a top business travel destination; in 2009, Las Vegas didn’t even rank.
Since that year, the number of room nights booked by the LVCVA for meetings and conventions serving the gay community has nearly quadrupled, from 6,000 in 2009 to 22,500 in 2012, with a total nongaming economic impact of $30.6 million. Those figures don’t include social events, such as Dinah Vegas, which drew about 2,000 visitors, or LGBT conventions and events booked outside LVCVA, such as MGM Resorts International's “Fabulous” weekend.

Aggressive outreach from LVCVA, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment has led to a number of LGBT organizations expanding and moving their events from other popular destinations such as Palm Springs, Calif., and Orlando, Fla., to Las Vegas. Gans brought Dinah Shore Weekend to Las Vegas last year after being approached by Caesars Entertainment. Now she says there’s no looking back.

"Palm Springs just can’t compete at all. In Vegas, we can do what we did in Palm Springs times 10,” she said, citing lower event costs, a more liberal party environment and flexibility from Caesars to expand the scale of the event to accommodate a larger crowd for this year’s Dinah Vegas in April. Gans said last year’s weekend of events drew at least 2,000 visitors to Las Vegas, in addition to a large local showing, and she expects that number to double this year.

To make room, Caesars Entertainment is offering Dinah Vegas use of the Flamingo’s pool for its daytime and opening night parties. But Gans said Caesars is more than just an easy company to work with; more important, she said, is that it’s an equitable company to work for.

“If we’re going to be spending our money there, it’s important that they treat their employees well. They have several top executives who are openly gay. ... They offer wonderful employment packages for gay and lesbian couples,” she said. “They’re pretty progressive, and I’m really glad. Why not? We’re no different than anybody else.”

Caesars Entertainment, which has received a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index six years in a row, is among several local companies that are working to better serve the LGBT community working in and visiting Las Vegas. Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts also received perfect scores on the HRC’s 2013 Corporate Equality Index; since the mid-2000s, their resorts have established dedicated marketing initiatives to attract LGBT customers.

Before the LVCVA launched its LGBT marketing campaign six years ago, Las Vegas simply wasn’t on the radar of most gay-friendly organizations.
Chris Manley, president of the Orlando-based LGBT event week Gay Days, said Las Vegas never would have crossed his mind as a possible host city for the event until he visited for the first time three years ago.

“It was like a light bulb went off,” he said. “Vegas is over the top as a travel destination, and it’s a little more adult. It beats Orlando on those aspects.”
Manley worked with the LVCVA to expand the event to Las Vegas, signing a four-year contract to host Gay Days Las Vegas at the Tropicana. Last year’s inaugural event drew 25,000 people.

“Las Vegas committed to us. Orlando has never done that. They don’t sponsor or put their names on any of our events,” he said. “That’s a big plus that Vegas gave us. People see that the city wants us to be there.”

For organizations like the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, Las Vegas’ lack of outreach in the past had been reason enough to stay away.

“Ten years ago, bringing a conference like ours to Vegas would’ve been a daunting task,” said John Tanzella, the travel association’s president.
Companies’ support of and outreach to the LGBT community are a dealmaker for organizations like his when choosing one attractive event location over another.

“If it’s a city that’s never been to our convention or doesn’t do anything in the gay market, and all of a sudden they want to bring us to their city, we wouldn’t consider them.”

Beyond ad campaigns, in recent years LVCVA, Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts have proved their mettle by attending events such as the travel association's annual conventions, helping fund initiatives and including the organization on their advisory committees. “We want to support destinations and hotel groups that support our organization. They give, we give back.”
Tanzella said LVCVA’s initial push has had a ripple effect across Las Vegas properties, transforming marketing to the gay community from an exception to a rule.

“LVCVA made an effort to promote our market in the community,” he said. “To everyone else, that said, 'This is why, and you guys need to get your ducks in a row, as well.'”

Today, events such as Gay Days and Dinah Vegas continue to add to Las Vegas’ credibility as a destination for the LGBT community.
“It's one thing to say that you are trying to entice LGBT visitors or that you are LGBT-welcoming. It is another thing to actually have offerings for the community,” said Richard Brower, director of LGBT marketing for Caesars Entertainment.

“Every time Vegas gets a large LGBT event, it gives a little credit to the city's LGBT outreach. When that event is as successful as Dinah Vegas, it solidifies Vegas as a premier destination for LGBT people. We are showing them that they are important to us and that we are committed to making sure they not only feel welcome but have even more reasons to visit our resorts.”


Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend To Return To Las Vegas Next Year
Posted by: Bridgette P. LaVictoire (LEZ Get Real) on April 30, 2012.

Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend Las Vegas producers Dr. Robin Gans, Sandy Sachs, Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew at the rooftop 50th floor of the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel. Image credit: Lobeline Communications

It appears that all of the various Dinah Shore Weekends have now concluded. This year, Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend headed out to Las Vegas and apparently everyone had a wonderful time:

Girls from around the globe descended on Las Vegas as Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend in association with Truck Stop Girlz and Caesars Total Rewards filled the city with tens of thousands of Lesbians. The event, now in its 22nd year, has made Vegas its new home, taking advantage of non-stop entertainment, food, beverages and gaming 24/7 in the city that never sleeps. Throughout the weekend, overflow attendance across Strip properties have led producers Robin Gans, Sandy Sachs, Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew to announce the Dinah Shore Weekend return for April 25-29, 2013. The ladies credit the ambitious outreach of Richard Brower, director of LGBT marketing for Caesars Entertainment who commented, “Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend has become a ‘must attend’ event for the lesbian community and has acommitted group of followers,” Adding, “As the only casino company with a 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, in 2012 our commitment to the LGBT community is strong. We are delighted to serve as hosts for the event’s Las Vegas debut and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with the Girl Bar and the Truck Stop Girlz Dinah Shore event founders.”

Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend

Lesbians descended on Las Vegas from Wednesday to Sunday for Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, a lesbian getaway event for couples and single lesbians. Tens of thousands of lesbians made it to the city for the event, which is in its 22nd year. The vacation includes dancing, gaming lessons, a pool party and more. Overflow attendance across Strip properties led producers to announce the Dinah Shore Weekend return for April 25-29, 2013.


Girl Bar's Dinah Shore Weekend moves to Vegas and wins big

Every spring, ladies seeking a little spring break-y debauchery, scantily-clad community, or just a respite from work, school or their small town routine, were forced to make a lesbian Sophie's Choice: Club Skirts' The Dinah, or Girl Bar's Dinah Shore Weekend. These two competing event promoters have been vying for your Dinah dollar for decades, but no more. Girl Bar, with co-producers Truck Stop, have made Las Vegas their new Dinah home, and if this past weekend was any indication, Sin City will never be the same.


Girl Bar’s Dinah Shore Weekend in Las Vegas: Photos

Girls from around the world descended on the Las Vegas strip last weekend for Girl Bar’s inaugural Dinah Shore Weekend. Producers Robin Gans, Sandy Sachs, Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew have already announced their plans for the second annual Dinah Shore Vegas Weekend for April 25-29, 2013.

Girl Bar, in association with Truck Stop and Caesars Total Rewards Entertainment, filled the city with lesbians who flocked to the desert oasis in search of a non-stop party in the world-class gaming city.

The Vegas event featured a pool party and three nights of dance club offerings, but what made this weekend unique were the other options that a city like Vegas offers its visitors. World-class hotel/resorts, plenty of restaurant options, provocative shows and performances, 24/7 gaming, and a city that has no last call…. for the hard-core partiers.

Check out a few photos from the The VooDoo 50 Lounge at Rio, GO Pool Party at the Flamingo, and Gurlesque at the Paris Hotel's Chateau Nighclub:

Photos: Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend in Las Vegas
(From Frontiers LA)

By Stephan Horbelt, Editor

This past weekend saw women from across the globe descend upon Las Vegas for Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend. The popular event celebrated its 22nd year by moving the festivities to Las Vegas, taking advantage of Sin City's non-stop entertainment and 24/7 revelry. The weekend was so popular that event producers Robin Gans, Sandy Sachs, Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew (pictured below) have already announced that Dinah Shore Weekend will return to Vegas next year, April 25-29, 2013.


Girl Bar and The Truck Stop Girlz Pull into Sin City!


Media Contacts: 
Phil Lobel/Christopher Kingry
Lobeline Communications
phil@lobeline.com   chris@lobeline.com

LAS VEGAS – (date) – In a move that has set the lesbian community abuzz with cheers from around the globe, Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, in association with Fuse Events, announced that Dinah Shore Weekend 2012 will take place April 27-29 in Las Vegas.   

Since last year, Girl Bar and Fuse Events have been working exclusively with Caesars Entertainment to create the ultimate women’s weekend experience featuring all the best that Caesars Entertainment properties have to offer. Official events and hotels for Dinah Shore Weekend will be situated walking distance, across a variety of Caesars-owned properties, including Planet Hollywood and Flamingo hotels. The later will have its “Go Pool” turned over exclusively to the ladies for ticket and pass holders.

“Our sophisticated ladies wanted ‘bigger, better and more’ in a city that never sleeps with the finest in entertainment and accommodations, with non-stop flights both domestically and internationally,” said Girl Bar producers Sandy Sachs and Dr. Robin Gans.   Adding, “We listened and Caesars Entertainment delivered, recognizing our global potential and wooing us with full sponsorship and a 24/7 package of perks, food, beverages and entertainment where there are no ‘last calls!”

“The LGBT market makes up such an important part of Caesars worldwide customer base,” said Richard Brower, Director of LGBT and Ethnic Marketing at Caesars Entertainment Corporation.  “Having this legendry weekend move to Vegas was an opportunity we could not afford to miss.”

“After conquering New York and California, The Truck Stop Girlz couldn’t be happier about pulling into Vegas,” said co-founders Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew. “We are ready to throw down and have a good time!”

The full Dinah Shore Weekend 2012 schedule of events, performers, ticket and hotel information and VIP travel package options www.dinahshoreweekend.com.

#   #   #

Girl Bar Co-Founder Dr. Robin Gans Talks Dinah Shore Weekend Las Vegas (AUDIO)
From the Huffington Post
by Charlotte Robinson



I talked with one of the most successful lesbian club entrepreneurs, Dr. Robin Gans, who founded Girl Bar in Los Angeles with Sandy Sachs in 1990. Girl Bar is the largest dance and entertainment group for lesbians in the United States. After moving to L.A. from New York in the late '80s, Sachs and Gans recognized the need for an upscale nightclub catering to the lesbian community. "We wanted to do something to help make the lesbian community more visible and create a place for women to come together," says Sachs. "Girl Bar is a place where our patrons can come and feel safe, feel comfortable, and most of all feel empowered," adds Robin. Now the duo is producing Dinah Shore Weekend Las Vegas, April 27 to 29, with Linda Fusco and Michele Agnew of Truck Stop Girlz. We talked about the move to Las Vegas and Robin's spin on crucial issues facing our LGBT community.

When asked about her personal commitment to LGBT civil rights, Dr. Gans stated:

Well, first of all, I'm a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California, and certainly I know what it's like to be coming out. Actually, when I was in college and having those feelings when I was in high school (I went to private school back east), one of the things that I always wanted to do was work with the gay community to help fellow gays and lesbians to not only come out but to have clearly a much better understanding of themselves and a much more integrated self. So I have several patients that are within the gay and lesbian community, and I've worked with couples. When I was training, I worked with the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center for a year, and I worked with troubled teens. I actually did an internship with them for a year, some who were definitely gay at the ages of 15 and 16. Certainly I feel a commitment within my community, and I feel a personal commitment in general, just being involved with HRC and with any fundraiser, and anything that really contributes to awareness and obviously political rights in the LGBTQ community. But personally, I would say absolutely working as a therapist. I do my best to help raise awareness and help people lead more integrated and happier lives.

Since last year, Girl Bar and Fuse Events have been working exclusively with Caesars Entertainment to create the ultimate women's weekend experience. Official events and hotels for Dinah Shore Weekend will be situated within walking distance, across a variety of Caesars-owned properties, including Planet Hollywood and Flamingo hotels. "Our sophisticated ladies wanted 'bigger, better, and more' in a city that never sleeps, with the finest in entertainment and accommodations, with non-stop flights both domestically and internationally," said Sachs and Gans. "We listened, and Caesars Entertainment delivered, recognizing our global potential and wooing us with full sponsorship and a 24/7 package of perks, food, beverage, and entertainment where there are no last calls!"